Let me say first –nice to "meet" you! I'm very happy you stopped by.
Hopefully you've seen something on this website that's prompted you to poke around a little more and that brought you to this page. I mean, I'd be flattered if you came straight here because you'd heard about this guy that's an amazing visual artist and had to know more but hey - if you've seen something that's prompted you to find out more about this crazy place called Animatters that's pretty cool too right?


I've been at this visual design stuff since...well since the early nineties to be sure but 'officially' by trade since 1994. My roots are firmly planted in traditional design which was the perfect foundation to build up quite an arsenal of visual communication skills. Underlying everything we do is a keen artistic eye which is why it works. Because design truly is art.


I started out as a production artist where I became a guru of all things Adobe. And when I say 'guru' - I mean GURU! I had a tough boss that made certain everything was perfect. Not just perfect but pixel-perfect. I always thought he was pretty overbearing but now I demand the same perfection in all things I do and it shows.


I stretched my wings at a busy little book publisher for a few years during which time I made my way into middle management and took charge of the children's book arm of the layout & design department. My dreams were coming to fruition but sadly the dreamship had some pretty poor navigators on board. I made it out before it was too far to swim.


I found solace on a little island in ad-agency-land and spent a wonderful five years in the blur of the agency world. It was here that the dreams came back around - this time with sound planning behind it. I found myself immersed in 2d and 3d animation for film, video and the web alongside all of the print design work that came through the agency. I had made it. My pinnacle.


Or was it?



I'm a lucky, lucky guy and I think it shows in everything I do. You know those people that say "If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life"?


I love what I do.


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