A picture may well be worth a thousand words but these words are priceless. We strive to always do our best and it shows - but you don't have to take our word for it!


"What an amazing piece of work you created for us"

"I just got off the phone with my sign guy...he's madly in love with our new logo! He says 'It's such a work of art' and he wants me to come down to his shop and see it on our awning for myself – he's that excited about it. Kudos to you for the phenomenal've even impressed a guy who's seen it all...amazing!"

~ Kim Hill, March First Footwear


"Awesome once again (of course)."

"I just got off the phone with them [the end customer] and they're getting calls from everyone saying how great it is! Job well done. Thanks again for the fast, hard work, we really appreciate it!"

~ Amanda Patterson, AdFarm


"Without you I would not have been able to reach the goals I set for this project."

"It takes a strong man to put up with all the revisions I've put you through! You have brought an elegant touch to the awards and promotional materials for the AAYAA and ECCO. I deeply appreciate your dedication, enthusiasm and innovation you've brought to our projects."

~ Christie Ladouceur, Rupertsland Institute


"Always catching the little details!"

Thanks so much for keeping things all sorted out. I LOVE it!! You rock my world (as usual).

~ Holly Hanson, Hanson Restaurants/Arbys Canada


"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround!"

"Looks great! The files were perfect as always. Thanks again for all your help. You never let us down."

~ Jennifer Hughes, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)


"Looking forward to working with you more "

"Thank you so much for all your extra effort on this one Kelly. It's amazing as always. I look forward to working with you much, much more in future!"

~ Gina Dobie, Fort McMurray Tourism


"We're so chuffed!"

"The poster and the little cards are awesome.  We're so chuffed with our logo bright and beautiful on them.   Whoever did the design did a wonderful job - thank you."

~ Thea Avis, Meat Street Pies


Our favourite way to play


We're game


Paper, poster, decals and more!


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