I heard it said of the last website of ours that people really loved the things I wrote about. It was mostly ramblings but I guess if I felt it was important enough to type it must have been valuable reading. Or light entertainment at least?


Well here it is - this is "the place" this time and I'll be sure to try to entertain or inform as ever before.


Miracles at work.


We were contacted by a client of ours that had just undergone some changes and needed a minor update to their corporate identity materials we had created for them. During the conversation they asked if we might be able to help them with a little project they were struggling with and were approaching a very hard deadline over. Never being one to back down from a challenge we met and the result was TELL's Environmental Print Awareness Video Game catering to children between the ages of 3 and 8.


In just over six weeks we accomplished what might have taken months upon months. Don't ask me how because I do not know...I can only assume the miracles are at work again over here. They seem to creep in here every once in a while when the impossible comes through the door. I guess that's why we never back down...we know something is looking out for us.


Talk of the town...


A few years ago we had the pleasure of starting what has turned out to be a fantastic relationship with the Town of Bon Accord. Not only were we able to respond to their needs in what wound up being a very tight turnaround but we fostered a relationship that has seen a wide variety of projects cross our desks. We've tackled everything from print design to promotional materials....even an ice carving for their winter festival (yeah...we get ourselves into all kinds of things over here it seems).


The most resounding success was the redevelopment and relocation of the Town's web presence. They were suffering exorbitant annual fees through their previous web service provider and when we heard, we promptly found a way to break them free of the annual wallops. In the process we gave them a web presence that is not only beautiful but also far more versatile thanks to the Content Management System we implemented for a one time, low cost, no annual fee, no hidden contracts kind of way.


Have a look. Bon Accord is in full control over every bit of content on their new home online.


Fresh look, rooted in family


The town of Gibbons found themselves in need of a fresh new look that could carry them forward for generations to come. They wanted a contemporary solution but one that reflected the family values that Gibbons has become known for. With a beautiful ravine trail system spanned at the west end of town by the bridge that brings residents home and visitors to...well, visit the icon came quite naturally. But what about the families? Gibbons is and always will be proud to be "Rooted in Family" and this notion finishes off a decidedly contemporary, clean, bold visual identity.



Celebrating Success by Offering a Chance at Success to Others


It's a humbling experience to sit back and look at how far we've come in the past ten years and to dream about where we want to be in the next ten. The successes we've seen at Animatters surpass even our most optimistic of aspirations and it's thanks to all of you - our clients, friends and suppliers. Without you, there would be no "us".


To celebrate our success we've signed on with Kiva, a microlending organization that helps entrepreneurs in developing countries with funding for their endeavors - all in the interests of alleviating poverty. Animatters has committed to lending funds to those entrepreneurs that are focused on initiatives tailored towards youth, education and the arts. By fostering creativity and youth throughout the world Animatters hopes to play a small part in the future of our industry worldwide.



So what have we helped others accomplish thus far? Well, we helped Jenny in Bolivia buy supplies for her artistic creations for birthday parties, celebrations and events - these items she makes and sells help her keep food on the table for her and her family and pay for her children's educations. We helped Caterina in Guatemala meet the needs of a large order of fabric which she needed to fulfill an order of uniforms for a local school. Rami, in Palestine used the funding to purchase training materials and tools for his driving school so that he can ensure his students get the very best training possible. And Amil in Azerbaijan is now entertaining his clients with his new "tar", the national musical instrument of Azerbaijan.


It's been so easy to help make a difference in the lives of these people and in turn they are making the lives of those they touch better.




Points to Ponder


We live in an ever changing world and more and more we are being made aware of those changes that we, ourselves are causing. Awareness is leading us here at Animatters to think more and more about what we do, how we do it and if there is perhaps a better way to achieve the same results with a lower impact on our world. We applaud all of our customers for working with us in our goals - even the smallest little change can make a big difference. For today's "Point to Ponder", have a look at this:


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Our favourite way to play


We're game


Paper, poster, decals and more!


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