Interactivity is the ultimate confluence of visual design and motion graphics.  Engaging multimedia applications and games deliver your message in an exploratory, memorable manner that your customers will take note of.



CD Rom, USB, SD, email...multimedia delivery is a very flexible medium for communicating your message to your potential customers.  Rich, immersive experiences greet your audience at the click of a mouse and engage and captivate each click thereafter.


Animatters has prepared quite a library of rich multimedia applications that range from robust information based presentations to comprehensive delivery vehicles for industry-required safety data sheets. We've even employed the power of multimedia in the development of a multi tiered educational program targeted to children aged 3-5.  Handy for us that we happen to have some of our own 3-5 year olds running around the studio for quality control and testing.


Want to engage your audience with an unforgettable experience? Give us a call and we can explore the world of multimedia with you.