The days are getting shorter which means it's time to shed some light on the night again!


Playing with the Lights
- ESO String Quartet

Join us as we kick off the 2020/2021 holiday light season!


Saturday, September 26th OR Sunday, September 27th - approx 7pm
Weather will dictate - stay tuned to this website for up-to-the-minute information so you don't miss it!


We are thrilled to announce that our first official kick off of this season's holiday lights is going to be hosted by a LIVE performance by a string quartet from our very own Edmonton Symphony Orchestra! Join us as these world class musicians make your ears dance with the sight of the lights synchronized to their strings!


The Edmonton Symphony has been hosting these small, socially distanced performances throughout the region all summer long to share their love of the arts. All they ask in return is that you consider donating generously to their cause at this event. We understand that not everyone can give but every little bit makes a difference. And if all you have to give is your appreciation - that's been dearly missed all the same this summer. These performers haven't had nearly the opportunities to take to the stage as they otherwise would have.




Once the quartet has finished up, hold onto your seats and enjoy the first set of the season featuring music from the likes of AC/DC, John Mayer, Aerosmith and more! The light show will run roughly 25 minutes.


Once the official lighting has happened we'll return to the FM broadcast so you can tune you car radio and listen while staying warm (and distanced) in your vehicle. The playlist and display arrangement will change a few times through the season so come back and come often! Just tune your radio to 92.9FM, turn up the volume and enjoy a little bit of a break from the same four walls we're all about to be stuck staring at again as summer ends but Covid doesn't.